JOB: User Experience Designer, Bay Area, Adchemy, Full Time

8 Jun 2009 - 2:30pm
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Suzanne Walsh

Adchemy is seeking a talented User Experience Designer to join its
User Experience team. The ideal candidate will work on transforming
business requirements into compelling forward thinking designs for
the defined audience. The position requires a highly motivated
individual with analytical and problem solving skills combined with a
visual esthetic well versed in web application design. Candidates
should have hands-on experience developing concepts, selling concepts
to a cross functional team, then creating detailed wireframe
specifications that engineering can use as a blueprint to build the
application. He/she will be part of a fast-paced environment
committed to delivering results which have an impact at the corporate
level. Thus, the successful candidate will be excited by and motivated
to provide design solutions that will help set the tone and direction
for Adchemy’s customer experience.

Specific responsibilities will include:

* Assist with usability process from analysis phase through
implementation. Participate in project discovery, definition of
business requirements and development of use cases, with
responsibility for the organization of site content, navigation, page
flows and quality assurance.
* Create wireframes detailing page layout, content prominence and
interaction behavior for use by visual designers, copywriters and
developers. Maintain a working knowledge of application processes and
workflow and suggest improvements and changes as needed.
* Contribute to a corporate interaction library to help set
companywide User Experience standards.
* Develop site maps and process flow diagrams.
* Assist with the creation of one-on-one usability studies,
interview questionnaires and finding reports that include actionable
* Help conduct focus groups in order to test concepts when
developing schematics for site processes and enhancements.
* Collaborate with all project team members (business owners,
visual designers, copywriters and developers) to ensure the
development of a consistent and effective user experience.
* Utilize usability-related research services, theories and
methodology to support strategies and directions.
* Work with visual designers and developers to translate
wireframes into prototypes and complete visual compositions.

The ideal Designer candidate has:

* 4+ years successful experience in user experience design.
* Clear appreciation for how to apply principles of customer
application design to solving B2B problems; experience designing Web
2.0 applications.
* Strong data visualization skills.
* Ability to think creatively to develop out-of-the-box solutions
that make the user experience as simple as possible, but not simpler.
* Experience in rapid and iterative design and development
* Mastery of or at least experience with major multimedia,
design, and operating system software (Visio/OmniGraffle, Photoshop,
Flash, Fireworks and Illustrator).
* Strong Interaction design and management skills; ability to
demonstrate "clarity of thought" at all times and within all types
of communications.
* Excellent written and verbal communication abilities; excellent
presentation skills.
* Strong organization, planning & analysis skills; ability to
execute – take action and bring projects to a timely closure.
* Excellent work ethic - highly professional, specifically in
his/her relationships with all key stakeholders.
* Innate passion for customer satisfaction, and desire to have a
significant and lasting impact on the online world.
* Bachelors or other degree in human factors, graphic design or
related field

Please send resumes to:
suzanne at

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