[Event] Seattle Book Club, 29 July, 6:00pm

18 Jun 2009 - 10:13pm
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Hello from the Seattle local chapter. I'm organizing a book club
meeting/discussion next month. If you are planning on coming please
let me know.

The Book:
Designing for the Digital Age (Kim Goodwin) - Chapters 1 -11 (Getting
Started, Research, and Modeling).
It's pretty thick so we'll break it down into two sessions or maybe
more. I think the book is a lot of food for thought/discussion so
let's just see how far we get in this meeting.

Wednesday, July 29, 6pm

Cafe Vivace (Espresso Vivace Alley 24, 227 Yale Ave N, Seattle, WA.
Right behind REI); they have a meeting room/area that we can reserve
in advance.

If you know of a space that we could use (a meeting room with a
whiteboard at your workplace for example) please let me know. I
think having a whiteboard to sketch would be great.

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