Day 2 "Give a Little Back": IDEA2009 & IxD'10

23 Jun 2009 - 12:40am
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IxDA Board of D...

Day 2 is turning out to be an interesting one!

For those who have contributed today, as well as those of you who still will
contribute (, there is a new way for us to potentially
say 'thank you'!

Not only will you be eligible for the second pass to Interaction'10, you'll
also now have the opportunity to get a pass for IDEA2009!

>From our friends at the IAI, the Information Architecture Institute (
(site was launched today!)

>From the site:

> *IDEA2009* brings together the world’s foremost thinkers and
> practitioners: sharing the big ideas that inspire, along with practical
> solutions for the ways people’s lives and systems are converging to affect
> society.
> These days, you can’t be socially engaging without considering the
> experience design. IDEA2009 brings together like-minded people who want to
> continue the exploration of Social Experience Design.
Thanks to them!

Note: You can't get both, no matter how hard you wish you could. One pass
per selected person. We'll select IDEA2009 first, then IxD'10. All
individuals who contributed between Monday, June 22nd, 5pm GMT and Tuesday,
June 23rd 4:59pm GMT are eligible.

Keep it up!

Janna DeVylder
President, IxDA

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