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29 Jun 2009 - 7:04pm
7 years ago
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Elizabeth Bacon

Dear IxDA community & those who care about us,

Firstly, THANK YOU again to all the IxDA supporters from around the
globe who contributed financially during our recent fundraising
drive. IxDA garnered $15,813, over half-way towards our ambitious
goal of $30,000 to support the IxDA.org website redesign project
(code-named Conan).

Some folks have been wondering if the Conan project will be able to
continue despite not reaching our fundraising goal. I'm happy to
announce that the project is very much a GO! The fundraiser was not
the determining factor for this project. We started out with
conference funds underwriting the effort. The money raised makes a
significant difference to the impact that Conan has on our upcoming
conferences fund and especially our ability to remain safely solvent
during these four months before the Interaction'10 conference
registration opens. (See http://interaction.ixda.org for info on that
front.) Every dollar raised during the drive counts enormously; the
funds have provided more surety around both the Conan project and the
Interaction'10 conference, where previously one or the other may have
been put at risk.

Principally, the fundraiser provided IxDA with the flexibility to
choose the very best vendor for the Conan project. And to that end,
we are enormously pleased to announce that we have selected Palantir
(http://www.palantir.net/) as our development partner for this

Palantir is a highly-respected development firm filled with Drupal
rockstars, people who authored & maintain core Drupal modules, have
written books about Drupal, and worked so that Drupal can improve its
overall user experience. Palantir is extremely supportive of IxDA, and
provided us with a non-profit rate as well as opportunities to
collaborate on theming in order to provide us with a competitive
proposal that met all of our requirements. We are thrilled to move
forward with extreme confidence that our new website technology will
be built by some of the most capable Drupal developers on the planet

Again, in addition to elevating our online discussion capabilities in
various ways, our new website will:

* Provide a dedicated Careers area, including resources for hiring
* Create local group mini-sites with local leaders announcements,
local discussions and job postings as well as local member directory
* Present a calendar of IxDA events with RSVP tools
* Provide searchable global member directory
* Allow members to display desired personal information in their
profiles, affiliating yourself with Local Groups and including
external feeds
* Integrate conference access from main site
* Create space for mentoring program and educational resources
* Provide better visibility for all of IxDA's important initiatives
* Enhance the media library to better serve content from Interaction
conferences and local group events
* Refresh content for Home page & About Us sections to provide
clearer paths to participate

In the coming week or so, please look for an announcement to
participate in reviewing the conceptual designs being created for
Conan by the all-volunteer IxDA team. We will be seeking community
input and hopefully validation of our visual design & interaction
design proposals before we fully engage with Palantir. In two-three
months after development kicks off, we'll also be seeking your
inputs to vett the alpha or beta version of the new site.

IxDA is nothing without its members, and I thank you again for your
support and contributions to date. Onwards & upwards!

IxDA Vice-President


29 Jun 2009 - 8:14pm

Please don't forget to pick a design partner as well! Unfortunately
many IxD sites suffer from design envy. Let's rise above! :D

Good work on the raising of funds. I put in my $5 to the cause.
We've started building the Auckland, New Zealand IxDA (or at least
thoughts of one day having it) and I'm excited to be involved in
some small way.

King Regards

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30 Jun 2009 - 12:22am
Elizabeth Bacon

Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for your note! I'm not sure I understand all of your points,
but it's actually a cornerstone of the Conan project strategy to
utilize IxDA members (& those who love them) to create the
interaction design as well as graphic design solutions for the new

The Conan project is pursuing its objectives with a smaller,
all-volunteer-driven version of the design-by-community approach that
we admired so much in the Drupal.org redesign project. This is not
only in keeping with IxDA's member-led organization philosophy but
it's also a crucial way that we're reducing costs for the
organization. Back when we were originally scoping out a design &
development project late last year, we heard ballpark quotes in the
six-figure range from reputable firms, and that's far beyond our

Also note that we don't anticipate adjusting the graphic design far
from its current look & feel, largely because this aspect of the
current website is one of the aspects where members indicated general

So, besides contributing financially -- and I should mention that
IxDA ALWAYS accept donations, even outside a fundraising drive --
people who want to stay involved can look for the call for community
feedback in the near future, and help us define the right forms &
behaviors for the first release of Conan.


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