itsme EMULATOR online now - Evaluate!!

1 Jul 2009 - 7:03am
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Nikhil paul

Hi everyone

I have already shared couple of phases of the design and development
process of the itsme project with you all from the very start to the
concept evaluation.

Now is the itsme EMULATOR.

We recently launched the emulator online.The first piece of software
that incorporates the concept behind itsme (the metaphor, “stories
and venues”) waiting for you to be explored. The emulator, however,
is not only a demonstrator to itsme: it also represents a new example
of a support system to a community that offers its members the
opportunity to find everything (contacts, resources, documents,
messages, media, etc.) in each of its venues that is relevant to what
the venue refers to.

You can find it here

You can finally start seeing the venues, and interact within them. A
short demo can take you through the interactions and actions that can
be performed through the emultaor.
I hope i can count upon you all to try it out and let me know about
your experiences.
Would be great to know what the experts think.

Oh, and the evaluation will be rolled out in 2 days, so please find
some time before that.

Thanks in advance

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