[JOB] : Junior Information Architect / User Experience Designer - Edinburgh, UK - Permanent

6 Jul 2009 - 8:02am
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Andy Howard

We're looking for a junior information architect / user experience
designer to join Bunnyfoot Edinburgh. We're a user centred design
agency (particularly skilled with usability testing), we work with
friendly clients and have some stellar projects in the works. Recent
work by Bunnyfoot UK includes http://www.vhiphotels.co.uk/ , and up
here at Bunnyfoot Edinburgh we're working on some interesting stuff
right now. More about that when we meet you..

Anyway, about you: we're looking for a junior who wants to learn all
about UCD, IA, UX and project management. We value experience (~1 year
would be good) and education, but at Bunnyfoot attitude and approach
is more important. We hire great people. Think you're a good fit?
Ping amanda at bunnyfoot.com.

To learn a bit more about us:


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