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12 Jan 2004 - 2:51pm
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ben hyde

Just a thought - but why isn't the archive of messages available for this list? Rather than me having to keep them all in my mailbox so I can refer back to something written previously, surely it would be easier to have an archive - even if it is only available to subscribers. Maybe this is to avoid spammers? But some list software manages to get around this by hiding addresses - even yahoo groups ;) I for one would like to be able to check back over the recent discussions to see what gems I have missed.

Appologies for the attachments sent with my messages - i know this is a pain for some users - it is not intensional [deliberate spelling mistake*] - something yahoo mail seems to do 'for me'.

* NetWORKers and their Activity in Intensional Networks http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/373295.html

cheers, ben

jaubin <jaubin at licef.teluq.uquebec.ca> wrote:

RE: Ellipsis at end of of link [1]
RE: PDF [2]

[1] From: "Anirudha Joshi" January 12, 2004 1:07 PM
"It is a nice idea to use ... (ellipsis) at the end of the link to indicate a new window. This has become almost a GUI standard. I remember someone once told me that anything with a ... opens a new window long ago, and that was
it. I remembered for ever. Anirudha"

[2] From:Hoekema, Jim {PBG}> January 09, 2004 1:07 PM
"It always bothers me when links on a website lead to a new window when I'm not expecting, especially when they open a PDF. For that matter, it bothers me when I do expect a new window and it doesn't happen (an external site).
It seems to me this is an area where the web could use a new convention, so that users would better understand the consequences of an interaction before
taking it.

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12 Jan 2004 - 3:28pm
James Jarrett

Actually, there is an archive of this discussion group... I think it is available to anyone subscribed to the list IF you know the e-mail address you subscribed with and IF you were sent a password by the list server when you subscribed. (Supposedly, all of us are reminded monthly of our subscription options - including our password, but I only ever remember seeing one, and I don't remember my password).

Dave Heller is off getting married and such. I'll have him look into the technical feasibility of making the archive public. He should be back in a week or so.

Jim Jarrett


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