Going beyond Usability: The need to design forPersuasion, Emotion, and Trust

16 Jul 2009 - 3:31pm
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Switzky, Andrew

How does B. J. Fogg's "Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change
what We Think and Do" compare to Cialdini and Weinschenk's work?

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> One of the other researchers at HFI, Susan Weinschenk, recently
> published a book called "Neuro Web Design - What makes them click?"
> It was a good read and covered 9 different persuasion techniques.

Weinschenk's book, I thought, was awful. All she did, *really*, was
Cialdini's work and show a few examples along the way of how it can be
applied to web design, something any designer could have extrapolated on
his/her own by reading Cialdini's books, *Influence* and *Yes!*. Beyond
that, it was poorly written - choppy and meandering. I hate to bash a
New Riders author, but I just can't recommend this book unless you're
a hard time getting people to read Cialdini's work (Weinschenk's book is
much shorter) or you're dealing with people who can't apply concepts
shown how to directly.

HFI, frankly, appears to be a firm with run-of-the-mill talent that
to have a good marketing angle. They created a certification and gave
themselves an academic sounding name, and bang, we've had countless
on this list from people asking if the cert will help their careers.
such an obvious move - they just used the same tactics they preach.
a certification made them look like an *authority*. It doesn't mean
the best out there, nor does it mean the cert will do a thing to improve
your life. All it does is create a sense that the organization has a
level of expertise, which in turn encourages people to take a mental
shortcut and trust them without further evaluation. The irony is
that Cialdini's work represents the basis for all HFI does, but if
read Cialdini's books, you can easily see through it.

Want to make your firm famous? Coin a process and create a $20,000,
course around it that culminates with a test and a the receipt of a
certificate. You'll be raking in the dough in a matter of weeks.

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