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19 Jul 2009 - 4:28am
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Sarah Zhang

Hi All,

I'm doing an evaluation of the publically accessible tag cloud
generators. Tagging is quite popular now, but most of the tagging
activities belong to folksonomy, which users tag manually. Tag cloud
generators are used to create tag clouds automatically. There are
ways to generate a tag cloud:

1. Given a piece of text, create a tag cloud according to the
frequency of the words.
2. Given a URL of a web page, generate a tag cloud based on the
existing links on that web page

I found several tag cloud generators on the web and use them for my
study. Here are these tag cloud generators:


Every tag cloud generator has parameter settings, and the outputs
from different generators are in different styles.

If you are interested in, give it a try and tell me what you think
about the generators. Any comments on UI design, generator functions
or the generated tag clouds are welcome and appreciated.



27 Jul 2009 - 4:32am
Sarah Zhang

Hi Julia,

I guess the reason of the unseccess of "tagcloud-generator" is that
you put a URL address which is not applicable for the generator. I
found the "tagcloud-generator" only drags all the words or phrases
with a link on the webpage, which means if the URL you entered has
none or few links, it probably won't work. You may try some websites
which have a number of links, it should work. However, for some people
I have asked, they don't think it is a good idea to use such a method
to generate tag clouds.

You mentioned the "3-or-less-letters words", of course a lot of
these are stop words, such as the, a, in etc, which have no special
meanings, but still some "3-or-less-letters words" may have
particular meanings, like ox, pen. So it may be better to block the
stop words rather than focus on the length of the words.

I also found the effect of "tocloud" doesn't work, so don't mind
if you can't get it. I think "tocloud" is overall good, but it is
not good to have all the options piled together. Actually those
options can be listed in a clearer way. However, it is really smart
to select the phrases also, not only single words.

Thank you for your opinions.


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