Sketching Sonic Interaction Design Workshop - Call for Posters and Demos

20 Jul 2009 - 2:22am
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Michal Rinott

Workshop at HIT, Holon Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel
November 16, 2009
as part of the "Sonic Interaction Design" EU Research Group

*** Deadline for posters and demos: August 15, 2009 ***


Sonic Interaction Design (SID) is the discipline that investigates
the use of sound in interactive experiences. As technologies become
more miniaturized and embedded, and their users more mobile,
interactive sound becomes increasingly important. The experiences
offered by sonic interactions need to be effectively and beautifully

Sketching is a fundamental part of the design process. Designers
sketch ideas for objects, spaces, interactions, experiences. Bill
Buxton's recent book, “Sketching User Experiences”, has laid out
a palette of methods for sketching interactive experiences, that
involve different forms of “visual storytelling”.

But how do we sketch when designing sonic interactions? This is the
question at the core of this workshop. What is the equivalent for
paper and pen when we come to design interactions that use sound as a
main output?

A central topic in this workshop will be the use of the voice –
vocal sketching – as one means of sketching sonic interactions. Can
the voice for sound designers play a similar role as that played by
the hand for the graphic designer? how can, and how do, people use
their voice in the initial stages of designing sonic interactions?

**Workshop Structure**

The workshop will be composed of experiential sessions (voice warm-up
session, a vocal sketching session in groups), invited talks to set
the backdrop (on the topics of sketching, and on the human voice),
and a poster and demo session (with a special interest in interactive
experiences that involve the voice). The workshop will end with a
discussion focused on Vocal Sketching as a tool for SID.

**Call for posters and demos**

We invite submissions of demos and posters dealing with sketching in
Sonic Interaction Design. Of particular interest are:

* Sketching techniques for SID – theory, experiences from the

* Interaction techniques that are tailored to make use of our
vocal capabilities

* Interactive experiences that involve the voice (in non-speech

* Tools and techniques for extracting useful information from
vocal sketches

Posters are for discussing new work and work-in-progress. Demos are
for presenting interactive work and allowing workshop participants to
experience it firsthand. Submissions should be up to 2 pages long. For
demos a video documenting the experience is encouraged.

**Important dates**

Posters and demos deadline: August 15
Notifications of acceptance: Sept 15
Submit your posters and demos to sketchingSID at

sketchingSID at

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