Job: Information Architect - Chicago - HeathWallace - Contract

22 Jul 2009 - 8:39am
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Ben Allen

HeathWallace, a specialist in creating on-line solutions, is looking
to fill a 3 month contract position. Primarily the role will involve
the construction of wireframes, user flows and site maps using
existing research.

Applicants should send their resumes to at

For more about HeathWallace please visit

Job responsibilities:

* Understand both business and user goals (and, as appropriate,
helping to define/refine same with other team members)
* Participate in user studies to understand user
behaviors/preferences and build, from this understanding, informed
user interface solutions
* Assess the project's informational needs and dynamics
* Assist Content Strategists to develop content to fit the target
user/brand experience
* Scope, develop and understand technical considerations with the
assistance of the project Technical Lead and, as required, with the
client and/or third party partner(s)
* Work collaboratively with designers to develop interface
functionality (and when applicable, support the Senior IA)
* Visualize concepts quickly and cleanly through sketching and other
rapid prototyping methods
* Produce clean, concise site maps, transaction flows, diagrams and
interface schematics
* Assist in authoring functional requirements and related proactive
business communications
* Present, clearly and concisely, various stages of interface design
development to clients
* Keep all IA-related project files - paper and electronic -
extremely well organized
* Work collaboratively with Interface Engineers to define page types
and templates for production
* Participate in quality assurance checks during production

Candidates should possess:

* 3+ years of experience in interactive media design (preferably
within a creative team)
* A minimum of 2 years in a role exclusively addressing information
* Ability to research, understand and organize specialized content
* Excellent writing, speaking, presentation and interpersonal skills

* Experience and/or interest in mentoring others
* Proficiency in one or more of the following: Microsoft Visio,
Axure, HTML, Dreamweaver

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