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25 Jul 2009 - 5:59pm
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Jeff Patton


[Please excuse the self-promotion from a non-participating member.]

I'm offering two back-to-back Scrum Certified Product Owner courses
during August. You can find more here:
This class is useful for designers working in an agile and Scrum

My goal with these courses is to focus on building mental models and
skills necessary for those working as product owners to be really good
at what they're doing. Of course, like all trainers, this course
carries my biases about what mental models and skills are most
important. And for me those mental models and skills are rooted in
design thinking and design practice.

I believe interaction designers make the strongest of Scrum Product
Owners, and know many to back up that belief. (More here:
And even if not the primary decision maker, IxDs are a critical
part of healthy Product Ownership team. This course advocates for a
team-based approach that includes designers and practices such as user
research, design prototyping, and user validation.

For designers on this list, you won't learn to design - but to better
facilitate design - to break down planning and design work in a way
that works in an agile context.

For non-designers on the list, you'll learn the design thinking that
will help you work more effectively with customers and users. You'll
learn to abandon statements like "those users never know what they
want" and replace them with some useful practice that helps you
understand them and work effectively with them to get to what they need.

The first class is likely to be a bit rough - and is priced
accordingly. ;-) I really want this CSPO course to be different than
anything else you could find out there. And, it'll take a bit of
iteration to make it good.

Please visit the writeup on the course, and I'd love your feedback:

Thank you,

Jeff Patton
Passionate Product Owner Training:

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