Energy Consumption Trends, Patterns - Study The link for the survey is as below...

27 Jul 2009 - 11:11pm
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Vineeth nair

Hi all,
We the UX team at Samsung India Software Operations is in the process
of conducting a survey to understand energy conservation practices, or
energy consumption patterns globally. It would be great help if you
could answer the survey (25 questions) and have some of your friends
or colleagues answer it as well. Its an online survey and whoever is
interested in our initiative could volunatrily let us know (in the
survey itself) whether they would like to be contacted by us, for a
one to one telephonic call.

The link for the survey is as below...

"This questionnaire is intended to gather information about you as a
persona (archetype) to help us design an application that monitors
your electricity consumption."

Looking forward to some zealous responses,


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