Invitation to contribute to an article I'm writing

19 Aug 2009 - 4:19am
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Chris Wright

Its for 'webdesigner magazine' and is about the recession and the web design

I would love to hear from any employers, owners of companies, or people
responsible for hiring and firing. thoughts from the UK and abroad are most

I'm looking for opinions/quotes on:

- How much do you think the credit crunch has affected the web
design industry?

- Is there any particular movement to, or away from, contractors or
permanent staff?

- Has the credit crunch had an effect on salaries being offered?

- Are there any particular skills/attributes candidates can
demonstrate to secure work during this difficult time?

- - Has the credit crunch had an effect on the quality of
candidates available

Is - London still the hottest destination when it comes to moving
where the work is within web design/development and IT,
- Or are UK professionals choosing to go abroad to seek better

Thanks in advance


Chris Wright


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