Call for presenters (Austin, TX): Collaboration, Deliverables, and Communicating with Stakeholders of All Kinds

19 Aug 2009 - 9:51am
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Amy Jones

We're putting together an event in late September on the process of
collaboration. How do you collaborate with product management, fellow
designers or usability professionals, developers, and stakeholders?
What artifacts do you create to facilitate the process? What has been a
smashing success, what did you try but have fail miserably?

You'll be presenting with at least one and possibly two other people.
Your presentation should be around 15 minutes, and there will be
extensive time for Q&A and open discussion afterwards. If interested,
contact me by August 28th with a brief description of what you'll be

Feel free to cross-post/forward!

Amy L. E. Jones
User Researcher
Convio, Inc.
ajones at <mailto:email at>

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