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2 Sep 2009 - 4:11am
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I have a project coming along with me for creating an I phone App, that
would be a handling point of clients extreme grievances (it's a real estate
company). There are about 27 categories and another 13 categories inside
the main categories. The clients point is that this has to be easy to be
accessable and the clients should have preferences at any point in time to
choose varieties of options in the same, having a very limited show area in
i phone and also basically the target time of usage of this App is when the
users are frustrated or angry. So I think the UX angle to this App is
extremely important.

I want to know if someone has done projects of similar extent? or done
projects for handling negative emotions of people like grievance handling
system etc..? Please advise on how to think on the UI, in case for the
same, and in case any reference materials, please share it with me. it would
be of great use for me.


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2 Sep 2009 - 7:45am

Putting myself in the shoes an aggrieved tenant I would first say that
it would increase my frustration if I were told to download an iPhone
app in order to communicate with my real estate company! Clearly the
app has to be created and positioned with the idea of added value -
not only as the main interface for communication of
complaints/problems. Therefore, you may want to have a good balance
of "value added" features and grievance features.

As for dealing with grievances, you need to hire a good writer who
can make the app feel like a person is doing the helping, not a
machine. I recommend you review this slideshare presentation for
some tips re: building humanity into your interface:

As for your 27 categories, it sounds like you may want to do a card
sort exercise, using some accepted menu items that are common to the
iPhone. There are a few inexpensive online card sort engines out
there (e.g., websort.net) that you may want to use or simply go to
the lobby of one of the properties and ask tenants to complete a
quick card sort in exchange for some perk or reward ($ will work
too). Involving the tenants in the process will have a nice PR
payoff as well; I would post notices in the buildings telling tenants
that you are looking for their ideas to help the company better handle

Best of luck!

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