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3 Sep 2009 - 5:22am
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We're looking for a User Experience/Interaction Designer with good Visual
design experience and with 1-5 years of experience and a portfolio that
demonstrates conceptual thinking and the ability to deliver unique, creative
solutions for complex, interactive experiences.

The applicant should have good visual design experience in some complex
applications: mobile, software, desktop or web, and a strong understanding
of the user-centered design process and be equally comfortable working
independently and alongside other design team members and developers.

Creatively conceptualize ideas that may require extensive research in the
field of education. (Previous experience in Education a plus but not

The applicant needs to demonstrate a solid understanding of where visual
design, interaction design, information architecture and technology come
together to create smart, compelling and usable experiences across channels
and devices.


* Candidates must have an outstanding online portfolio.
* Must have a well maintained sketchbook for in-person presentation.
* Passion for design and the evolution of the interactive user experience.
* Solid understanding of design principles and how they apply to the
interactive space.
* 1-5 years of business experience in Interactive and AV design and
production. Design for mobile applications is a plus.
* Solid typography, iconography, effective storytelling and an understanding
of color theory, as well as a meticulous attention to detail.
* Excellent knowledge of prevailing interface design tools, including
Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash and basic knowledge of HTML/CSS.
* Experience in creating comprehensive wireframes, sketches, UI and final
visual design for rich online interaction.
* Experience with industrial design is a plus.
* Ability to produce great work in short timeframes, manage time efficiently
while multi-tasking across different projects and clients.
* Ability to communicate conceptual ideas and design rationale to other
members of the design, development and client teams.
* Comfortable taking specific direction as well as working independently
with a general guidance.
* Experience working in a corporate environment is essential.

If you are interested in the position, please send in a copy of your updated
resume and portfolio to <mailto:shilpi at>

shilpi at .Also, kindly let us know the best time to contact you to
discuss this role further.

If you are not interested at this time, please forward this to someone you
think would be a good fit and apply for this role

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Thank You.

Veena G

Recruiting Coordinator | Bestica Inc

Tel: 210-858-9597| <blocked::>

E-mail ID: - veena at <blocked::mailto:veena at>


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