Mozilla Design Challenge: Fall '09 %u2013 Mozilla Weave Project

3 Sep 2009 - 12:40am
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Ragavan Srinivasan

@joe - As Andy says, the goal of the Sync add-on is to allow users to
take their entire firefox experience with them, anywhere they go. So,
in addition to bookmarks (which are certainly a big part of one's
firefox experience), we also securely synchronize web history,
passwords, tabs, preferences etc.

Our goal is not to compete with other services such as delicious, but
rather work to better integrate with whatever services a user chooses.

Hope that helps clears things a bit. Please keep the
questions/comments coming.

Thanks for your interest in our design challenge.

Ragavan (Mozilla Labs)

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3 Sep 2009 - 1:09am
Dan Mills

Hi everyone,

I work on Weave at Mozilla Labs, it's very exciting to be able to
work with you all!

A little background on Weave--the core concept behind the project is
to make the browser interact more richly with online services. One
aspect of this, which we have focused on at first, is simply to keep
user data in a service hosted by Mozilla (or anyone; the server is
open as well). Our main use-case is "get up and go"--you should be
able to seamlessly transition what you were doing to another device.

Today we are working to realize that use-case primarily by writing
full Weave add-ons for Firefox on both the desktop as well as the new
mobile edition (codenamed Fennec). Weave synchronizes your bookmarks,
history, tabs, passwords, prefs, etc. so that you can open up your
phone, open that tab with the article you were reading, and keep

Certainly there is more to Weave than putting data in the cloud.
Sharing, online identity, routing and messaging are some of the
things we're exploring, to name a few. But those are a bit farther

As for the encryption Weave uses, Mozilla strives to protect user
privacy and user control. In the past, the encryption we use has
made it difficult to create a web site that allows access to the
data. But that said, we do have some tricks up our sleeves, and we
wouldn't want you to feel constrained by that problem. Go ahead and
assume that you will have readily available access to the data stored
on the Weave cloud :-)


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