SXSW 2010: "No Touching!" shameless plea

3 Sep 2009 - 6:29pm
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Hello list readers,

The LUNAR Interaction Design team is hoping to give a talk at this year's
SXSW and we need your support to get to Austin this coming year!

For the past few years, touch interfaces have open people's minds to new
ways of interacting with devices in the home and on-the-go. We've been
thinking about contexts where even touch is too much, and exploring trends,
technologies and opportunities for "touchless interfaces" that are already
starting to merge their heads in devices we may already own. See a brief
description below of some of the topics and issues that this talk will
cover, and if you're intrigued, help us by voting on the online panel
picker, which closes tomorrow (September 4th).

To vote, select "Thumbs up!" on this page:

Thanks! And hope to see you there..

Ron Goldin
Sr. Interaction Designer

No Touching! Truly Invisible Interfaces Description:
Our devices know which way we're moving and how dark it is outside. They
look us in the face with cameras while we're tweeting away. They sometimes
even understand when we talk back to them. Learn about success stories and
untapped potential in physical interactivity that doesn't involve touching
anything at all.

1. When is touch not the best way of interfacing with a digital product?
2. What are contexts where today's physical interfaces just don't do a
good enough job?
3. Seriously, California, is it really that bad to text while driving?
(hint: maybe.)
4. I want to look up a recipe and I have goo all over my hands. What can
my iPhone do about it?
5. What products successfully use touchless interfaces?
6. What products fail miserably using touchless interfaces and why?
7. What is augmented reality and where can I get some?
8. How can sound be better utilized as an interface?
9. Is the iPhone a touchless interface? (hint: only when you're not
10. How can physical design effect an touchless interface?

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