[EVENT] Birmingham, UK: \'Outside The Box\' - User-testing context-aware mobile technology in the field - A case study

4 Sep 2009 - 2:48pm
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6pm September 17th 2009, User-lab, Birmingham Institute of Art &

Jerome Turner of User-lab discusses his recent experience of
user-testing a GPS tour device around the streets of Birmingham.
Mobile devices are increasingly used to deliver rich information and
context aware experiences, so how do we test the experience with
users? In applications using location-based technology such as GPS
lab testing isn’t possible, so how can we apply lab methods to
testing ‘in the field’, and are they still valid? How do we record a
user-testing session on the streets without intruding on the user’s

This presentation will hope to answer some of these questions, as
well as offering them up for discussion. There will also be a chance
to play with two mobile observation / recording setups from



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