Designers sought - politics/media/public opinion

7 Sep 2009 - 4:13pm
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Zack Chomsky

As the social mood darkens and economy thickens, some people realize
that the mainstream media is often a marketing tool for shaping the
conversation. Some things are never discussed or mentioned.

What is missing is a little more "fact outing" (of things we're
not talking about) and "full disclosure." (to reveal the
motivations of those pressing opinions). Sadly, some very basic
truths are only talked about in the "alternative media." I would
argue that the information is out there, but not professional and
floating in a sea of misinformation.

I am seeking interaction designers (like myself) interested in a
volunteer project. It may involve building a website (likely) or
something else entirely. It may turn for a small profit, but it may
not. Topics may include: The Fed, The nature of the bailouts and
bank involvement in gov, the privitization of war, the push towards a
"new order." Ultimately, the goals of the project would be to
change, or less balance, public opinion.

Contact me for more: zackchomsky at

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