[Event] Design by Fire cafe 28 SEPT 2009 - Utrecht, NL

10 Sep 2009 - 9:43am
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Yohan Creemers

IxDA Nederland is happy to organize it's first 'Design by Fire Café', an informal gathering for (interaction) designers. Each café will feature a short, inspiring presentation as tapas for discussion.

The first café edition will take place on Monday 28 October 2009 in Utrecht (NL).

There are lots of websites that let you plan events with a group of people, but most of them don't exactly make it easy or quick. Sort of Date (http://sortofdate.com) helps you when you want to plan a dinner party, a band rehearsal or a meeting of your book club. You can invite people to vote for the best option on the website, without endless email loops or finicky login procedures. Just a fun site that gives a clear overview of the options your friends have in mind.

Marrije Schaake and Ivo de Boer will talk about how Sort of Date was designed and made in two weekends of hard work by six people. They will discuss the why and the how, and talk about their experiences with working in a group of people with multiple skills plus getting rapis feedback from the site's users.

Marrije Schaake has worked for eend (http://www.eend.nl) since 1999 as a project manager and information architect, after studying English at University. Ivo de Boer studied at Utrecht School for the Arts (HKU) and designs websites for eend plus websites and print items for Typetank (http://www.typetank.nl).

A free entrance free, buy your own drinks event.

The presentation will be in Dutch, drinks in any major language.

Visit http://www.designbyfire.nl/cafe or follow us at http://twitter.com/designbyfire for updates.


11 Sep 2009 - 2:37am
Yohan Creemers

The event date in the body of this post is incorrect.
The correct date is: Monday 28 September 2009.

- Yohan

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