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12 Sep 2009 - 3:47pm
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Hey all. I'm an interaction designer from Chicago, and I'm in the
process of writing a book about our craft called "Cadence & Slang,"
which should be out late 2010. In the interim, I've set up a site to
update people with its progress and content, at http://cadence.cc; a
place to put brief reviews of various products' usability, at
http://isee.whatyoudidthere.com; and a Kickstarter project to fund
the book's production, at http://nickd.org/x/cadence/.

I'd love if you poked around those sites and gave me your thoughts.
Thanks for your time!


15 Sep 2009 - 4:05am

hi Nick,

> writing a book about our craft
check out Kim Goodwin's book - Designing for the Digital Age. It
really covers everything you need to know about our craft (except
what was already covered in About Face) and the relationship to other
design disciplines.

would be interesting to know more about what does your book add to
the already existent ones? and the target audience. From your PDF it
seems more towards educating product managers / business.


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5 Oct 2009 - 12:54pm


Thanks for the comments! I actually have Goodwin's book on my
nightstand now, I'm about 4/5 of the way through. I read About Face
a couple of years ago, right when 3 came out. Both are great
references, and About Face - especially the key points that it
summarizes towards the end - remains a tremendous inspiration of

Some of my book talks about how to push design as a priority in
organizations, which could be pertinent to designers, product
managers, even executives. But the vast majority of it focuses on
/how to design something well/. It's more about the craft than the
business process; it focuses more on the final product than the
research. Goodwin, Cooper, and Indi Young have already written very
well about research. I talk about the fundamentals in ten pages,
suggest those books as more comprehensive references, and move on.
(It's also worth noting that my book will be about 1/3 the length of
Designing for the Digital Age.)

It's been a couple of weeks since you replied here; since then,
I've posted a lot more explaining the book. Some chapter summaries
are available on the book's site (http://cadence.cc). I've replaced
the old crappy video on my Kickstarter project
(http://nickd.org/x/cadence) with one that explains the book's
concepts better. And I've been writing periodic reviews of
products' usability at I see what you did there
(http://isee.whatyoudidthere.com). Maybe the book won't be for
everybody - few are - but it does advance new ideas and should be
valuable for many people.

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