Visio Annotations for Diagrams, IA, Wireframes, etc.

14 Sep 2009 - 6:20pm
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Chris Murphy

I've been working with a set of IA and Wireframe documents that I've
refined over the last few years, and now as I'm taking advantage of
some of the under appreciated features and aspects of the
application, I've hit a stumbling block that I'm hoping someone
IxDA has overcome.

In my planning documents, I've create a small annotation marker that
has ShapeData attached to it:
1. Annotation Number
2. Annotation Text

What I'm trying to accomplish is one the following:
1. Collect and compile all of the annotation text from the markers
(in order and sorted by the Annotation Number), and output
(formatted) them into another textfield/shape on the page.
2. Automatically add/update/delete page annotations in the shape
sheet for the page.

If anyone has any suggestions using VBA or another solution I would
really appreciate it.

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