IxD10 Student Competition - Looking for Sponsor(s)

15 Sep 2009 - 11:00am
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Dave Malouf

For the first time IxDA is going to include a student competition as
part of the Interaction conference.
We have gathered judges from education and practice from all over the
world to be on our jury but to make this truly work, we also need
financial support.

We are still working on specific details, but here is the outline
structure we will be working with.

At the end of September we will be posting the details of the
competition itself.
The first part will allow any student (graduate or undergraduate or
recent grad within the last year) to submit work done as a student.

The Jury will review these submissions in the form of process books
with supporting media such as videos and prototypes (all virtual as
the team will be remotely distributed around the world). From these
submissions 3-5 students will be chosen as finalists.

Finalists (this is where the funding comes in) will be sponsored
attendees of the conference including travel, accommodations and
conference admission. During the conference, these finalists will work
on a project as a team and then present their work to the conference
as a whole. Further, they will present their submissions to the whole
conference. Both of these in conference events will add further
opportunities to excel in front of the jury in attendance to chose a
single winner.

We hope that part of the submission process will include a process
poster of some sort that can be included in the Art Gallery we will be
curating as part of Interaction 10 (another brand new addition). Any
sponsor can gain exposure as part of the Student Competetion display
and of course will be part of the program, and any presentations made
before, during and after the conference in press, etc.

While IxDA's roots has been squarely focused on industry practice of
those doing interaction design, as we mature, it is clear that our
practice will be greatly influenced by the education eco-system. This
competition is a key way to show support, and bring guidance to the
education community about what is IxD, and what is good IxD. It will
be an opportunity for the community as a whole to comment and critique
the educators who work with these students.

I hope that one or some among you would be interested in taking this on.

As for specific dollar amounts, we can discuss that through further
correspondance, but I'm sure you can imagine the bare minimum to cover
the cost of 5 students traveling from around the world as a good
starting point.

Thank you.

Dave Malouf
Professor of Interaction Design
Savannah College of Art & Design

Dave Malouf

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