[EVENT] Maine IxDA Thurs. September 24 - From Inspiration to Art: Artist Talk and Design Activity

17 Sep 2009 - 7:59am
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Benjamin Ho

Nationally recognized artist, Adriane Herman, will be presenting Thurs
Sept 24th on her creative process -- how she moves from inspiration to
art. She'll touch on using people's "To Do" lists as artistic
medium, and her insights into human cognitive processes.

Afterward we'll shift gears into IxD mode, taking what we've heard
from Adriane -- now having a sense of her mental map -- do some
additional "requirements gathering," then sketch ideas for her web
site, and discuss!!

We hope you can attend -- this will be an extremely stimulating and
fun event. Please spread the word.

Event description

SEP 24

5-6 cocktails @White Heart (551 Congress St.)
6-7 Adriane Herman talk (MECA, 522 Congress St.)
7-8 web design exercise

TITLE From Inspiration to Art: Artist Talk & Design Activity

Hour 1 Cocktails @White Heart

Hour 2 Artist Talk: "Checking It Twice - Communion with the
Decidedly Un-Listless"

The uniquely human “To Do” list traces the seemingly alchemical
trajectory from intention to action. In both form and content, these
humble documents of goals large and small yield intimate yet
anonymous details about individual and collective commitments,
priorities, tastes, accomplishments, and procrastinations. Paying
these usually discarded documents the kind of attention generally
reserved for objects preserved in museums or archives sheds light on
how we spend our most precious resource – our time. A self-proclaimed
"inveterate maker of mountains out of molehills," artist Adriane
Herman will reveal the sources of her own alchemical trajectory from
inspiration to art. And will share with us the visual fruits of her
urges to collect, sort, and monumentalize other people’s jottings.
She will present additional projects that reflect one of her
priorities, distributing artwork to widely ranging audiences,
including those who do not generally include visits to museums and
galleries on their lists. Herman invites participants to bring
current, recent, or heirloom “to do” lists to share with the group. A
discussion will hopefully ensue about what participants feel their
lists reveal about themselves and how interaction and experience
design practitioners might assess the usability of list-making
strategies evidenced in Herman’s trove of enumerated ephemera.

Hour 3 Design Exercise
This will be a collaborative design exploration that encourages you
transform the Inspiration from tonight's program into Art/Design of
your own! We'll help Adriane get some ideas for her yet-unbuilt web
site by...

- hearing details and asking Qs about the site (users, goals,
requirements, etc)
- breaking into groups, duos, or working on our own to visualize and
sketch one or more parts of the future site
- sharing it back to the group -- discuss one element of what we came
up with

We'll get a glimpse into each other's creative process, and Adriane
will get a bunch of ideas for a future website she hopes to commission
someone to build . You can work solo, as a duo, or a team. All you'll
need to bring is your creative spirit and your sketching or
prototyping tools of choice! Adriane will provide limited edition
multiples to trade for your ideas and efforts.

Please bring laptops, paper and pencils/pens/markers, or whatever you
choose to sketch/work with!

Adriane Herman investigates consumption through appropriated imagery
and media ranging from archival to edible. This Spring, she had a
solo exhibition called “Human Doings” at Western Exhibitions
(Chicago) and debuted a portfolio of 42 relief and silkscreen prints
derived from found and gifted Post-It™ notes called “Sticky
Situations” at Whitney Artworks (Portland). “Checking It Twice,” her
2007 solo exhibition held at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art
and funded by grants from the Maine Arts Commission and the Maine
Community Foundation, monumentalized evidence of human intention
toward action as manifested in grocery and other “to do” lists. Her
1999 solo exhibition at Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York was
described in the New Yorker as “appetizing silliness.” Recent group
exhibitions include those at International Print Center New York;
Adam Baumgold Gallery (NY); The Dalarnas Museum (Falun, Sweden);
Portland Museum of Art; Ulrich Museum of Art (Wichita); and chosen
barren land (Tainen, Taiwan). Herman’s work is in the collections of
The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of
Art, The Progressive Corporation, and The Walker Art Center, among

Herman’s independent efforts to normalize consumption of fine art
dovetail with collaborative curatorial efforts such as SlopArt.Com
and projects she has undertaken with students at Maine College of
Art, such as “Long Overdue: Book Renewal,”which recycled thousands of
books, yielding 175 artworks temporarily collectible through Portland
Public Library and Inter-Library Loan. Herman holds a B.A. from Smith
College and an M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She
has explored content in context with students at Kansas City Art
Institute, Vermont College, and Maine College of Art, where she is
currently Associate Professor of Printmaking / New Media and
Printmaking Department Chair, and will trade limited edition
multiples for lists you no longer need.

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