Anyone offering Interaction Design Job ??

18 Jan 2005 - 5:09am
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I am a Post Graduate in NEW MEDIA design from the National Institute of
Design, India. I am pursuing final semester i.e. Diploma project in Onmobile
Asia Pacific, Bangalore. Onmobile is a sister concern of Infosys. I am
currently working with them on a voice based application for mobile phones
using their speech recognition technology.
I have done internship from HP Research Labs, Bangalore on "Entrepreneurial
Digital Photography in India". I have also worked with Mr. Ranjit Makkuni,
Delhi based Interaction Designer on a mobile exhibition on "Life and works
of Mahatma Gandhi". Besides these, I have done projects on Information,
Instructional and Systems Design. I have a background of Bachelor in
Computer Application and hence the required design+Technical inputs in the
I am looking out for work opportunity in the area of Interaction Design-
specifically "Immersive/Experiential" Design and/or Research work.
IxD group serves as the best opening for this because of the number of
people interacting on it. I don't know about many companies outside India
but I do know there are a number of people out there doing very interesting
work . I would like to apply if you have an opening or think I would fit in.
Please mail me so that I can write in further details and send you my Resume
and portfolio.

It would also be helpful if you can send me any links you think might be a
good reference.


Naznin Rao.
New Media
National Institute of Design, India.

(M): 093425 69049
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18 Jan 2005 - 6:26am
Ben Hunt

Naznin, are you able to specify location? Where can you work?

- Ben

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