[JOB] Interaction Designer @ BuyerZone.com Waltham MA, FT

18 Sep 2009 - 1:31pm
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Josh Hale

BuyerZone is expanding its UX team. Please email jobs at buyerzone.com
or ping me directly if you are interested.

Interaction Designer - BuyerZone, Inc.


• Lead efforts to better understand how to make our customers happy.

You should know how to run an effective usability test, interview
customers about their pain points and design a survey that helps a
company better understand its customers. A big part of your job will
be supporting business goals by identifying opportunities that come
out of user research.

• Work with business owners and software developers to define new
features and functionalities for our web-based products.

The product development/user experience team at BuyerZone works at
the intersection of business strategy, technical capabilities and
user needs. You should have experience pulling product requirements
out of these various groups and turning those ideas and rules into
written specifications for our online products.

• Design simple, effective user interfaces and product workflows.

You will need to have the skills, experience and talent to design new
interfaces for our products, from conceptualization to implementation,
using wireframes, interaction diagrams, sketches, story boards and/or
simple to fancy mockups.

• Encourage productive communication across a range of teams,
colleagues and skill sets.

Do you like to wear many hats? Can you talk strategy with a product
manager, then go back and forth with an engineer over how to best
execute on that idea? You’ll need to be a superlative communicator
who can synthesize feedback from a variety of sources and turn
complex concepts into simple explanations for mixed company.

• Stay on top of new technologies, interaction design trends, and
best practices in usability.

This is a team that believes there’s gold in keeping up with the user
experience/usability community and learning from the various outlets
that provide insight into where the best approaches are going next.
You should know who’s leading the conversation and how to plug into

Skills and Experience

• 3+ years of interaction/interface design experience on web or
desktop applications.

• Passionate about customer focused research and applying it to
create effective interaction designs.

• Experience gathering product requirements and creating
documentation/defining requirements in support of development efforts
will be a key part of this role.

• Strong foundation and skills in user interface methods and a strong
visual and interaction design sense. In-depth knowledge of online
products and web development processes.

• Working knowledge of design and wireframe tools such as Photoshop,
Illustrator, Balsamiq, Axure, etc.

• Well-organized with strong communication skills and the ability to
handle multiple tasks/projects simultaneously across multiple teams.

• Motivated self-starter with excellent problem-solving skills.

• Sample of Web site work and/or portfolio will be requested.

• B.A. or B.S. required, ideally in a design-related field

And Finally…

10 words that would describe an ideal candidate:
Talented, intelligent, fun, detail-oriented, web savvy, organized,
collaborative, outgoing, inquisitive and empathetic.

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