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27 Sep 2009 - 8:59pm
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Jarod Tang


Most interesting were Westergren’s comments about advertising. As you can
see in the clip below, the show’s host, Scott McGrew, and my co-panelist,
NPR’s Laura Sydell, claim to be huge Pandora fans but couldn’t seem to
remember hearing many ads. Said Westergren: That means we’re doing it right.

He said when he talks to Pandora users they always say they don’t hear many
ads, and they don’t think they interact with the site much. In reality,
users are hearing a good number of ads and most go to the site six times per
hour to thumb up and down ads, where they get served another visual ad.
“[Users] are always shocked to hear the actual data,” he said after the
taping. “I think it’s because the interaction doesn’t feel like work. It’s a
natural instinct tied to the ability to affect the listening, and it’s
rewarding.” He added that click-through rates are way above industry
average, which he credits to knowing each user’s taste so well. Depending on
the product it can be *ten times *greater than the industry average.

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-- Jarod


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