[Event] Design for Conversion conference 11th of December 2009 - Amsterdam, NL

6 Oct 2009 - 5:14am
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Arjan Haring

Friday the 11th of December DfC will take place in Amsterdam, The

For the third time Chi Nederland (and IxDA Nederland) organize an
international conference on the integration of persuasive design and
advanced analytics. The event, by the name of 'Design for Conversion
~ The Mobile Edition', offers an engaging experience for interaction
designers, marketing managers and conversion professionals.

The 2009 program is shaping up nicely. We are very pleased with the
speakers who confirmed so far:

Jerome Nadel (SVP User Experience Sagem Wireless) will talk about
effective user experience design that not only supports efficient
usage but also elicits desired behaviours; UX designers orchestrate
interactions with expected outcomes. Mobile devices present unique
design challenges in form factor, usage models, and online access.
Optimized mobile UI design must embrace an interdisciplinary
approach, thinking not only about interaction design but also
psychology and intelligence from analytics and predictive modelling.

Scott Weis (UI Technology Manager Symbian Foundation) focuses on how
user interfaces can drive persuasion, from encouraging users to
exercise or stop smoking, to spending more money on gambling. It’s up
to the designer to put in the key drivers, and to make the right moral
Eric Siegel (President Prediction Impact, Inc. & Chair, Predictive
Analytics World) thinks there's no greater potential opportunity
than mobile marketing - but there's no greater challenge either.
Customers "on the run" are short on time, and short on user
interface capacity. An enterprise has got to learn fast which
content, offer, creative and product to push to each customer in
order to most reliably affect conversion. Enter predictive analytics,
who's very purpose is to find the rules, patterns and models that
best match content-to-customer.

With Design for Conversion we bring you one of the most engaging
conference formats you will ever experience. All attendees become
part of a team. So don't be fooled by the schedule, you will have to
work, stand, move and interact the whole day.

This 3rd edition of Design for Conversion will be all about mobile
persuasion. Guided by senior conversion professionals teams will work
on real life cases. Keynote speakers Scott Weiss, Jerome Nadel and
Eric Siegel will provide insights that take the teams' ideas on a
higher level. At the end of the day, a panel of judges will decide
which team is the winner.

Who will attend: mobile professionals, marketers and marketing
managers, interaction designers and analytics experts.

150 attendees, 15 teams, 15 team captains, 5 cases, 5 sponsors, 3
keynotes, 2 MC’s, 1 inspiring day and 1 winning team! Be sure to take
part in this year’s Design for Conversion on December 11th, 2009
hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Visit http://www.designforconversion.nl or follow us at
http://twitter.com/dfc09 for program updates.

Design for Conversion ~ The Mobile Edition will take place on Friday
11th of December in Amsterdam. We would love to meet you there.

Early birds are rewarded with a 50 euro discount, but bear in mind:
seats are limited, so save your spot today.


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