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19 Jan 2005 - 5:20pm
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Stacy Surla

Hey, I know Asterix & Obelix! But was always more of a Tintin fan.

Our Information Architecture group in the Washington, DC area (DCIA) had a
book group meeting that focused on Tintin and also looked at Scott McCloud's
"Understanding Comics." That meeting had just about the highest attendance
of any of our events.


Stacy Surla
Information Architect, Content Management & Stewardship
R305/Information Management & Practice
The MITRE Corporation


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I am non-American, (and non-Indian too). I was born in India and moved
to America few years back.

Many things surprise me about culture and people here. One which is
perticularly surprising is the fact that I have not found a single
Designer here, who is aware of something so profound as "Asterix &
Obelix". What an ignorance looking at how great an example they
(Asterix and Obelix) are for Interaction & Information Design, besides
all other experieneces they offers.

Any takers?
Was that really French idea?



19 Jan 2005 - 5:31pm

> Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics."

This book also came up at the Asilomar IA Retreat last October. IMHO
it should be required reading for anyone involved in any kind of
design field.

BTW, I also remember reading Tintin and Asterix in Panama when I was a kid.


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