IxDA New York Fall Workshop, Sat. Oct. 17 - Just a few seats left

11 Oct 2009 - 8:50pm
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Just a few seats left for our fall workshop! Join IxDA for a
double-bill workshop on Saturday, October 17th at LBi IconNicholson’s
offices in the historic Puck Building. Whether you’re a strategist,
designer, developer or stakeholder in an organization charged with
innovation, this hands-on dynamic workshop is for anyone involved in the
ideation, design or development of a website, application, or mobile
Cost for the event is $35, which covers the registration fee, workshop
materials, and refreshments. Please choose *ONE* of the two workshops to

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Register Now: http://ixdanycoct09.eventbrite.com
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Presenters: Todd Zaki Warfel and Will Evans

This hands-on workshop will be conducted in a highly interactive, fast-paced
team setting following the design studio format, commonly used in
architecture and industrial design. The workshop uses a five-step
methodology developed by Todd Zaki Warfel and Will Evans over years of
practice with clients and other UX professionals. This methodology provides
a collaborative, pragmatic process of illumination, sketching, presentation,
critique, and iteration leading to innovation.
The workshop guides participations through this evolution in experience
ideation using a case study approach to solve a unique problem for a
non-profit organization, the goal of which is to arrive at some solid design
solutions using the following process:

- Illumination: understanding the business context, audience, problem
space, challenges and opportunities
- Generation: Through rapid sketch-boarding activities we’ll focus on
getting as many ideas (good & bad) down on paper as quickly as possible
- Presentation: Participants learn to sell there ideas, accept change,
negotiate positions to arrive at the strongest set of ideas worthy of
further exploration and iteration
- Critique: A formal but flexible framework of critique will be
introduced and used to highlight strong ideas worthy of further expansion
while discarding weaker ideas in a safe, friendly environment
- Iteration: Concepts from each round will be extracted, stolen,
re-combined and transformed within teams and across teams. Refined ideas
will be honed, with the strongest ideas gathered and refined to be presented
at the end of the workshop.

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Register Now: http://ixdanycoct09.eventbrite.com
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Presenters: Ted Booth and Michele Tepper

This workshop is intended for interaction designers who have interest and/or
some experience with designing for hardware and software. Interaction design
practice changes as it moves off the desktop and beyond keyboard and mouse
input. Designers face new considerations of physical and social context, as
well as new opportunities and constraints based in the different
technological platforms, physical forms and use paradigms.

In this practical, hands-on workshop, we’ll share insights and principles
from our own experiences and those of some leading practitioners in the
field. When the workshop is complete, you’ll come away with:

- Guidance on working effectively with industrial designers and
mechanical engineers to create the best possible user experience.
- Knowledge of how a hardware/software interaction design perspective
will help you navigate the new world of product ecosystems and service
- Hands-on training on developing a hardware/software concept and the
critique of two well-established industry experts.

The session will include a design exercise where small teams will try their
hand at developing a hardware/software concept. Come prepared to engage
deeply, to provide constructive feedback, and to take home new skills and a
new way of thinking about your work and future.

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Register Now: http://ixdanycoct09.eventbrite.com
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LBi IconNicholson
The Puck Building
295 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012

Date and Time:
Saturday, October 17th
9:30a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


*Ted Booth*
Ted leads interaction design at Smart Design. His team focuses on designing
new experiences for a wide range of consumer products and services.
Interaction designers at Smart work closely with industrial designers,
researchers and engineers to create enjoyable and satisfying consumer

Prior to joining Smart, Ted led interaction design at Motorola Enterprise
Mobility (formerly Symbol Technologies) working on a wide range of mobile
computers, RFID devices, and remote management tools. Before that, he led
interaction design at Method, a consulting firm specializing in brand
identity, web design, and product user interface. He began his career at
MetaDesign in San Francisco. He
holds a Masters of Design from the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute
of Technology.

*Will Evans*
Will Evans is Director, User Experience Practice Lead for Twin Technologies
with 14 years industry experience in interaction design, information
architecture, and user experience strategy. His experiences includes
directing UX for AIR Worldwide, UX Architect for social media site
Gather.com <http://gather.com/>, and UX Architect responsible for the
interaction design of Kayak.com <http://kayak.com/>. He worked at Lotus/IBM
where he was the senior information architect, and for Curl - a DARPA-funded
MIT project when he was at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. Prior to
Curl, Will was an interaction designer for Dataware working on various
search and KM related product suites including KM Suite II and QueryServer.

Will earned an MBA as well as masters degrees in human-computer interaction
and cognitive psychology. His passions include design and critical theory,
information architecture, information visualization and red wine. He lives
in Washington, D.C., drinks far to much coffee, wears only black, and is
Design Co-Chair for the IxDA’s Interaction 10 conference in Savannah,
Georgoa in February, 2010.

*Michele Tepper*
Michele Tepper is a Principal Designer in frog design's New York studio. Her
work includes a wide range of consumer and enterprise projects, ranging from
office equipment for small businesses to mobile health services to combat
HIV in South Africa. In 2008, she co-led an frog global expert group on
convergent design, bringing together experts from all of
frog's studios to develop best-practices for hardware/software interaction
design and collaboration.

Before frog, Michele worked for IBM, setting interaction standards for the
company's global website. She has written influential essays on social
software and online community formation, and holds a Ph.D. in English from
the University of Michigan.

*Todd Zaki Warfel*
Todd Zaki Warfel, founder and principal designer at Messagefirst, has been
designing products and services for over 15 years. Todd’s clients have
included fortune 500 companies like AT&T Wireless, Bankrate, Citibank, and
Comcast, as well as smaller companies like Numara and rPath. An
internationally recognized thought leader on research and design, and member
of the Web Standards Project Education Task Force, he has spoken at
conferences and taught workshops around the globe.

His upcoming book, Practical Prototyping (Rosenfeld Media) will discuss how
prototypes are more than just a design tool and show you how to use
prototyping to create a common language, market a product, gain internal
buy-in, and test feasibility with your development team. Anticipated
publication is in 2009.

Todd currently lives in Philadelphia, is a known food aficionado with an
impressive wine cellar and is the Design Co-Chair for the IxDA’s Interaction
10 conference in Savannah, Georgia in February, 2010.


LBi IconNicholson is a global digital marketing and technology agency that
blends creativity and expertise to solve business problems. Well, that
sounds fairly impressive, eh? Here’s more: We’re the largest genuinely full
service digital agency in Europe, offering branded content, service design,
media, CRM, technology, managed hosting, support services and more. And what
do the letters L-B-i stand for? We’re not telling. We like a little mystery.

There are over 1,500 LBi-ers in European, American and Asian business
centers, like Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Brussels, London, Milan, Mumbai,
New York, Paris and Stockholm.


The Interaction Design Association (http://www.ixda.org/) is a
member-supported organization committed to serving the needs of the
international interaction design community. With the help of more than
10,000 members worldwide, we provide a network for advancing the discipline
of interaction design. IxDA was founded in 2003 as an online discussion list
and in just five years the organization has grown to include over 60 local
groups worldwide and an annual global conference on interaction design for
interaction designers.
As one of the largest local groups, IxDA NYC produces monthly face-to-face
events for Interaction Design and User Experience professionals who create
systems and products of all types: web, desktop, mobile, consumer
electronics, digitally-enhanced environments, etc. If you'd like to know
more, please email nyc-local at ixda.org.

See you there,

IxDA New York Local Leaders

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