Designer / Developer Workflow - Silverlight & Flash night with Interact.

12 Oct 2009 - 5:20pm
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Ariel Spaulding

Hello all,

I'm part of a local usergroup called Interact: Seattle's
Developer/Designer Interaction group. The purpose of the group is to
increase the knowledge across both "sides of the fence" to foster
greater understanding and communication for the sole purpose of
increasing user experience on all platforms where software is used.

Every month, we meet in Bellevue, WA on the 3rd wednesday of the

Ryan Stewart from Adobe's Flash team and Adam Kinney from
Microsoft's Silverlight team will both be presenting side by side at
7:00pm on October 21st at the Bellevue Place building.

The meetup is free to whomever is interested in joining. You can
find more details at our website:

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