Different navigation for the About Us section of a corporate website

21 Oct 2009 - 3:11am
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To me, it all depends on where you place About Us in the framework of
the whole site-family. If, as you call it, it is merely a section, a
new primary navigation would appear to be disorienting. It would also
mean, that I expect a constant user flow from and to this section to
other sections of the site.
If it actually is a sort of corporate microsite, that may even get a
URL of its own (to be communicated to the special audience it has),
giving it a distinct primary navigation makes sense, because the
user-goal is different from the one on the main page.
So - what I usually try to keep in mind is the mental modal one
builds of the position of the Section within a whole. Simply
- Outside but linked: own primary navigation, but back/crosslinks to
the other company sections
- Inside but distinct in goal and audience: Same primary navigation
but probably a different secondary navigation.

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