Static or dynamic behaviour modalities for Itsme OS

21 Oct 2009 - 7:27am
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Nikhil paul

We recently opened a discussion on itsme website to discuss the
possibility of having a static or dynamic behaviour for the frame
panels in itsme OS (find the discussion here
By static behaviour i mean the point & click technique that gives a
more static and intentional interaction with the panels, but reflects
what we normally do in the existing operating systems and in a large
number of applications (see image below).
On the other hand, the interaction with the mouse-over is really
dynamic: the interface becomes very fast and fluid in reacting to the
movement of the pointer, following the user focus. This kind of
behavior is now quite diffused in some web-based applications (see
image below: Nokia N900)

I know as far as the itsme OS is concerned the choices should be made
as per what fits our interaction model better, the coherency with
other modalities and user testing.

But we can always weigh the pros and cons of static vs dynamic
behaviour. Is there any user insights, any research, or any leads you
can provide me with that might help us making a firm first decision.

thanks in advance

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