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21 Oct 2009 - 4:10pm
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Calvin C. Chan

I have an interesting observation on the scrolling behaviour in the
iTunes Store Featured Product box. When you click on the DOWN arrow,
it will shift the content down instead of up. The commonly
anticipated behaviour should be shifting up to reveal more content
below the fold. I posted a screen capture on my blog for better

My question is: is it just me, or it is a real annoyance for most
users? Is there a valid argument to support such design pattern? In
fact, I have seen a few websites and Flash-based contents that is
implement in this manner. What do you think?


21 Oct 2009 - 11:48pm
Stephen Holmes

I don't actually see that as a window scroll button - it is a
roll-down button within a window - the window contents themselves
don't move so I don't expect the normal window scrolling.

However perhaps given what it DOES do (it floats in the middle of the
bottom of the page), having the arrow at the TOP of the rolling
graphics may be better - but this then puts a covering graphic over
the newly presented promotional tile - not good! I think it is a good
compromise and not outside expectation.

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22 Oct 2009 - 10:41am
Sam Menter

It's an interesting point, I have no idea why they designed it like that,
maybe just an oversight?
I initially found the 2 finger scroll interaction of the Mac touchpad
confusing. When you move your fingers down, the page scrolls up, and vice
versa, because you are gripping the scrollbar not the page content. This is
the direct opposite to the scroll on an iphone, where your fingers 'grip'
the page.



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