Scrolling text on small screens

20 Jan 2005 - 12:45am
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Chad Thornton

Hi all,

I'm currently designing search results for web browsers on cellphones.
One of the space-saving features that some of the browsers enable is
automatic scrolling of any words that have a no-wrap attribute on it.
(remember that cheesy javascript hack where the words would scroll by
on the status bar of your web browser? same idea, in a much smaller

Some members of the team think it's a good idea to have each result
link appear on one (and only one) line and let users watch the words
scroll by. It's space-efficient and makes for a nice clean layout.
Others think that it's better to let the user see the entire link at
once and have control over the rate of scrolling (but now it's typical,
vertical scrolling). It's likely to be more time-efficient, gives them
more control, and lets them see the entire link onscreen at once.

Which is the better solution? It'd be great to hear from anyone who's
had long-term experience with these scrolling links on mobile phones,
or done usability testing.


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