JOB: User Experience & Visual Designer, Social Search Startup, San Francisco, CA [recruiter]

23 Oct 2009 - 2:02pm
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Theresa Singh

User Experience Designer

UxStation is seeking a brilliant User Experience designer to join our
client's development team. Specialists need not apply: we're looking for
someone who has mastered multiple design-related skillsets, from wireframes
to visual design to usability tests and HTML and CSS coding. This is a
diverse range of skills -- we're looking for someone truly talented who is
passionate about great software with A-plus usability and polish. You will
be working closely with the leaders of the company to build ambitious
functionality that will define Social Search on the web. We have a killer
technical team of about 20 people, and we're moving extremely quickly: in
the past few months we've launched a new web interface with dozens of new
features, an iPhone App, IM and Twitter interfaces, and lots more -- and we
only plan on accelerating from here.

Client's company includes founders from more than a half-dozen successful
startups, four AI Ph.D.s, and engineers from Silicon Valley's major
technology companies. They build products that enable users to tap into the
wisdom of their real-world social network. Their first offering takes on the
problem of "subjective search" - finding information that is customized and
relevant to your personal tastes, needs, and context. They are located in
downtown San Francisco.

Required skills:

- Visual design for the web (for applications, not just brochureware)

- Wireframing and user flow design for web interfaces

Highly preferred:

- Startup Experience

- Experience with usability testing and basic user research

- Front-end coding in HTML and CSS


- Familiarity with Ruby on Rails

- Academic training in design

- Experience designing a successful consumer-facing web product with
millions of users

To apply, please email your portfolio and resume to theresa at

Thanks for reading! (=

Theresa D. Singh

President, UxStation

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