Coroflot 2009 Designer Salary Survey closes Thursday night

27 Oct 2009 - 1:57pm
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Carl Alviani

A quick announcement and reminder that the 9th Annual Coroflot
Designer Salary Survey is currently open, but will be closing down at
midnight EST on Thursday, October 29.

Although there are a number of surveys that include IxD salaries,
Coroflot's is unique in the breadth of other design disciplines it
encompasses, offering a rare chance to view IxD in the context of the
creative professions overall.

The presence of the IxD field on the Survey, and on Coroflot as a
whole, has been growing dramatically over the past few years, so
we're eager to get as many responses as possible. IxD's explosive
growth in compensation since 2006 was, in fact, a major point in last
year's survey analysis:

and I guarantee we're not the only ones harboring some deep
curiosity about the continuation of this trend.

Filling out the survey takes about 2 minutes, via the Survey page:

Total responses are projected to top 5000 this year -- with some help
from this community, we'd love to see 10% or more of that total be
Interaction Designers

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