JOB: Senior Interaction Designer LOCATION: Anderson SC RECRUITER: Bill Barranco, Autovision Design Network, Inc.

27 Oct 2009 - 7:08pm
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Bill Barranco

FULL TIME: You will work with a team of six to eight other Industrial
and Graphic designers leading projects and reporting to the Director
of Design. Ideal Candidates will have had training and education in
Interaction design and employment experience in the
computer/electronics industry. Within this extremely lean and fast
paced environment, your dynamic, proactive and “hands-on” design
methodologies will be valued and embraced.

• Masters Degree (preferred) in Interaction Design and a Bachelor
Degree in Product or Graphic Design with at least 5 years of working
experience as an Interaction Designer.
• 5-7 total years of Industrial Design work experience.
• A proven track record of excellent interaction design performance
in previous positions.
• Willingness to travel and represent the Design Team in
Multi-Functional meetings.
• Excellent visualization skills.
• Ability to develop content navigation and interaction prototypes
through process flowcharts, matrixes, diagrams and other
• Ability to create user scenarios, layouts and all other aspects of
the user interface.
• Professional working experience in developing graphical user
interfaces (GUIs), and knowledge and/or interest in embedded user
interfaces and its technology.
• Sufficient level of graphic design skills needed for the
development of GUIs.
• Developed computer design skills and specialization in 1 software
(depending on office: Macromedia Flash (action scripts, animation),
Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop and other relevant design software),
Microsoft PowerPoint, Rhinoceros.
• Aptitude for SW engineering, electronics development and market
• Ability to create user interfaces based on human factors and
ergonomics principles, end-user needs perspective.


28 Oct 2009 - 11:39am
Bill Barranco

Is anyone interested in this position?

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