ADMIN: RE: Call for action (was: ADMIN: OT - Wireless Job)

21 Jan 2005 - 6:21am
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Dave Malouf

Manu's post brings up an important issues. I realized I was speaking in

What is "moderation"?

1. It means that messages are held until I can review them. For a point of
record every first time poster has their messages "moderated"

2. I have told Ziya that he will be limited to no more than 3 postings per
thread per day ... On this list that could still be 1000 messages if done
right. ;) But it also means to Ziya that I'll be watching, right?

So I think the "call to action, is a bit overstated and if Ziya wants to he
will still be able to contribute within those confines. No one has been
removed,executed, or even arrested.

-- dave

Ps. I did say how much I appreciated Ziya's contribution.

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