Human Centered Design or Technology CenteredDesign??

11 Nov 2009 - 6:45am
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William Hudson

I teach a course (hopefully to be a book in the not-too-distant future)
which is about using Ajax for good (better user experience) rather than
evil (just making things more interactive for the sake of it).

One of my biggest frustrations/disappointments is to see Ajax applied
gratuitously to a page (to make the shopping basket more interesting,
for example) while inherent usability problems - like having to click
the 'Update' link if quantities are changed - remain unaddressed.

Anyway, this is a perennial problem in design that is not going to go
away any time soon. The best we can do is understand the issues (from
both the business/technology and user experience sides) and focus our
solutions accordingly.

[plug] For anyone that is interested I am running the course for NNG in
Berlin next week. If you would like to know more about the book as it
progresses, please drop me a line. (There are no plans for a movie as


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