ADMIN: Ziya's self-departure

21 Jan 2005 - 1:02pm
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Dave Malouf


On his own accord has decided to leave the list. He gave no reason to me,
but of course there is the reaction to being "moderated".

I bare him no grudge and if he decides to return on his own, he is more than
free to do so within the confines of the guidelines.

People have used this issue as an opportunity to question moderation.
It would appear that people who appreciate what I have done have followed my
request to NOT bring things up here a lot more than people who haven't. I
just want it known that I have received more messages of thanx than messages
of criticism in total but that those of thanx of followed my direction to
send me their comments privately. I don't understand why others can't do the
same. This is not a question and again, I don't think it is appropriate use
of space to have a drawn out debate. There are 1000+ people on this list
most of him are just lurking (as is the case in almost all lists), so let's
just move past this and continue on our merry way.

-- dave

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