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12 Nov 2009 - 6:11pm
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Dear Members

I want to introduce my new eBook for your interest

Creative Thinking for Interactive Media Design (e-book)
Oguzhan Ozcan, A. Evren Yantac, 2009

Although it was founded only ten years ago, Interactive Media Design
has been one of the leading field where the most creative design ideas
in the world have been produced. We anticipate that this will to be so
during the rest of 21st century. As the field of interactive media
design has a very wide application spectrum from television to mobile
environments, interactive media design education must be established
on a very critical balance of art, design, and technology. Although
there are considerable similarities and intersections with the fields
of industrial and interaction design, interactive media design
education has its own nuances and subtleties. This book introduces,
with examples, how a qualified interactive media design education
should be planned, from the beginner to advanced level, from the
perspectives of meanings, actions, mechanisms and the nature of
design. (96 pictures and 28 web link included. Please see details via: http://oguzhan.ozcan.info/eBook.html


12 Nov 2009 - 7:36pm
Marcus Coghlan

Hi all,

I'm in search of some statistics and advice for a meeting I have on
My situation is that we've designed and are nearing completion of
developing an online membership activation form. It has a reasonably
complex set of business rules which must by met and an offline
activation form will also be made available, although one of the
project objectives is to streamline the activation process.
In this, the 11th hour, we've received a new requirement to include
a new set of 'terms and conditions' the user must agree to in order
to complete the process. That may not seem so bad, but it will make
the 3rd such agreement the user must make in a 7 step (including
landing and success pages) form - the other 2 are Terms and
Conditions of Use and a Privacy Policy (has anyone else even heard of
something like this?). They are all being implemented half-screen
scrolling divs of content with a checkbox to indicate agreement. The
checkbox label is 4.5 lines of legal jargon :(
Anyway, I have a meeting on Monday to raise my concerns about the
impact the addition of this 3rd required agreement will have on the
usability of the online form - namely that it will cause confusion
and scare people off. I'll be facing the legal rep. who is driving
the inclusion and three stakeholders who are very focused on the
Any of the following would be very much appreciated:
- hard stats and real world examples of IxD/usability's impact on
online form dropout rates (theory and best practice I already have a
lot of)
- information regarding the legality of different types of online
agreement interfaces - i.e. is a link to T&C sufficient or must they
be displayed on the same page, checkboxes vs. 'I agree' buttons,
- any advice or experience on dealing with this situation

Thank you. Wish me luck.


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12 Nov 2009 - 7:42pm
Marcus Coghlan

My apologies. I obviously wasn't paying attention to where I was and
posted the previous reply here instead of as a new thread. (O_o)
I couldn't find a way to delete it myself, so if someone would do it
for me, that'd be great.
Sorry again.

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