Essential disciplines for successful technology, what's your idea?

16 Nov 2009 - 2:27am
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Arjan Haring

Hi there,

Within my conference team we have been extensively discussing the
disciplines needed in creating successful technology.

After 2 years of pondering, we came up with a framework that includes
Experience Design, Persuasive Technology and Analytics (Evidence Based

Further distillation of the main objectives and insights of these
disciplines lead us to 3 fundamental ideas that project to future
application of the disciplines (and we thought they were rather

1st Big idea: From Persuasion to Morality
2nd Big idea: from Experience to Happiness
3rd Big idea: from Evidence to Truth

I know it all sounds a bit vague, we are working on a more extensive
explanation with concrete examples. Until that time I would want to
ask you to read and give feedback on the high level blog posting we
have written at our conference website:

I am very keen on hearing your ideas.

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