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15 Nov 2009 - 5:49pm
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Chris Khalil

Come and join one of the best, most experienced and innovative User
Experience teams in Australia and an award winning
(http://bit.ly/3zDzxG) global organisation which is deeply committed
to User Experience.

It's a high visibility role looking after some of Australia's most
highly trafficked and influential sites like news.com.au, MySpace,
The Australian, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun,
Courier Mail, ThePunch, Moshtix, Vogue, Taste, Carsguide.com.au and
TrueLocal to name just a few (we have over 90 sites in our network).

Just in: News.com.au has just been voted Australia's fastest growing
brand! http://bit.ly/4dHtnc

The NDM Media Division is now #1 in Australia for News & Weather and
growing very aggressively, so we're in a great position, you can
find out more about our huge growth
at http://bit.ly/4dHtnc

Not only that, but the role will be of strategic and critical
importance to projects around paid content, whose potential impact is

The work is exciting and it's with a great, really forward thinking
team. We have a dedicated Design Researcher as well as a UX Lab in
which we can conduct tests,
eyetracking studies etc.( See our lab here: http://bit.ly/1wofMQ &
http://bit.ly/3TfSJk )

Furthermore, we have the backing of a global organisation that is
willing to invest considerable resources in producing the best online
products in Australia.

NDM is a fun, really social place to work and we have a funky new
office in a great location. (Pictures here: http://bit.ly/28UkD9 )

You can find more information about members of the team on the UX
Team Blog: USiT Blog
(USiT = User Standards and Innovative Technologies group).

What we are looking for:

* Demonstrated experience of designing major web and other digital
interfaces, with
experience in creating and delivering site maps, process flows,
wireframes, interaction
specifications and other information architecture documentation.
* Strong prior experience in working effectively within
multidisciplinary teams.
* Demonstrated understanding of core usability principles.
* Demonstrated experience of designing and conducting different
types of user research
* Excellent analytical ability, especially with regard to
observation of user
* Excellent information architecture and interaction design
* Strong oral and written communication skills; can present
findings concisely and

News Digital Media, the digital business arm of News Limited, is a
dynamic next generation media company that connects Australians to a
platform of integrated sites
spanning the categories of news, sports, entertainment, life style,
local search, social networking and classifieds.

If this job sounds like you and you think you can add value to our
fantastic team, then apply below including your resume and cover


with your resume and cover letter.

*Please note: you must be eligible to work in Australia, visa
sponsorship will not be available

Chris Khalil
Director of User Experience

News Digital Media
Level 23 | 175 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW 2001


16 Nov 2009 - 3:37am
Chris Khalil

Apologies, the link to apply appears malformed. If you want to apply
please go to:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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