[JOB] UX Designer, Falmouth, ME, Tyler Technologies, Fulltime

19 Nov 2009 - 4:14pm
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Kevin Silver

My employer is hiring!

Come join a growing group of UX Professionals at Tyler Technologies
who are designing the next generation ERP software used by
municipalities, local government and schools. We’re located in
Falmouth, Maine, just outside of Portland, which recently received
accolades as Bon Appetit's America’s Foodiest Small Town and Forbes
Most Livable City. Tyler has been listed in Forbes “America’s 200
Best Small Companies” for the last 3 years.

Position Objective:

The user experience designer will help define the vision for Tyler
software products by conducting an iterative design process following
a user centered design methodology that includes using personas and
mental models to create user scenarios, and rapidly creating
interactive sketches and prototypes.

Job Responsibilities:

* Design the behavior and interfaces for Tyler’s Munis ERP software.

* Collaborate with product managers, developers, ux researchers and
other designers to gain domain knowledge and to design solutions that
meet customers’ goals and needs.

* Work closely with developers throughout the design and development
process in an agile manner.

* Help define user scenarios and requirements based on provided
research and specifications.

* Create interactive sketches/wireframes and detailed prototypes
using Expression Blend to explore alternate solutions and convey
final design specification.

* Contribute to the product pattern library.

* Assist ux researchers to conduct usability testing.

Position Qualifications: (Job Related Skills, Abilities, Education &

* BS/BA in Industrial Design, Interface Design, Interaction Design,
Human-Computer Interaction or equivalent is preferred, but not

* Minimum 3 years of design experience desired. Experience in
ERP/Business solutions is desired.

* Experience designing for Silverlight or WPF platforms and creating
prototypes using Blend is desired. Other prototyping experience is
acceptable as well.

* Experience with user centered design methodologies and working
within an iterative design environment that involves early user
testing is desired.

* Must have good visual design sensibilities.

* Excellent written and oral communication skills.

* Demonstrated ability to work confidently and effectively with
diverse teams (e.g., Product Management, Development, Support,
Implementation and User Research) required.

For more information and to apply goto:



Kevin Silver
IxDA Director - Local Groups

e: kevin at kevintsilver.com
w: www.kevintsilver.com
t: ksilver

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