Why the competition is for individuals?

20 Nov 2009 - 10:19am
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Dave Malouf

I have been asked by quite a few folks now, can there be exceptions
for X or Y group b/c that school only does group work?

The answer has to be "No" at this stage in the game. I realize that
a lot of great designs will be missed through this process and maybe
we have learned some lessons along the way as this is the first time
we are doing this. But the current structure of the competition
isn't just about the best designs, but also about the best designer.
And thus, group work would not aid us in determining who that might

Further, it has been suggested that an individual submit on behalf of
a group. But this is not fair to the individuals who truly did
individual work as obviously group work should and would be more
impressive in scale and regardless of the objectivity of the criteria
the scale would definitely impact the jury.

Now, in my own classes I teach group work and individual work. I went
into this thinking that my current students were not going to be able
to submit anything. But as I was grading recent work I realized that
even small projects can "exemplify excellence in IxD" and have
encouraged them to submit that work as well.

I will be sequestering myself from judging all of my own students'
work, as would any of the other jury members.

Anyway, I thought it reasonable to put this information out here for
everyone. I encourage any educator or professional with interest in
education to contact me to discuss how we can improve the competition
for the next go around. As stated from the beginning this will be
evolutionary since unlike other design disciplines educators are not
so in sync about what is the right way to educate interaction design.
This is one of the reasons for the competition.

-- dave

Dave Malouf
Prof. Interaction Design
Industrial Design
Savannah College of Art & Design

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