Where Does User Advocacy Belong in the CompanyStructure?

15 Jan 2004 - 10:58am
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FelcanSmith, Mark

My experience has involved the touch points between Marketing, Business
Dev, Customer Service, and IT. My take is to engage company wide
constituents in participation towards a more collective conscious of the
customer experience. I don't believe that who your team reports to is a
true indicator of your potential success. Granted it helps to have
senior mgmt champions on board, but the ideas and processes behind
UCD/UX and being able to tie that in with a tangible ROI is a strategy
that has worked for me.

In a few instances I have had to perform guerilla techniques in the
beginning to gain a foot hold to educate and win over those wary

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Can a usability team report into an aggressive
marketing/business development unit and remain true to
the user? Can the same question be raised if the team
reports into IT?

I'm having an interesting debate here about where the
user advocacy group should report. (The choices are IT
or Marketing - I can't form a new department!).

I know concern over objectivity in the usability field
certainly isn't as dramatic as in publishing, where
many organizations literally separate editorial and ad
sales, but has anyone looked at how an organization's
structure impacts the effectiveness of the UX team?

I realize the answer would likely vary by case,
depending largely on the UX team's leadership, but I'd
appreciate any insight...

-C. Whelan

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