[JOB] IxD Contractor(s) - Stimulant, San Francisco

30 Nov 2009 - 7:46pm
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Nathan Moody

Stimulant is on the lookout for interaction design contractors for
upcoming projects that will be run out of our San Francisco office.

We're looking for stellar track records and demonstrable grasp of both
the finest-level details and the highest-level concepts. If your
portfolio is web-centric, we want to see rich-media, non-standard
interfaces that are effective and not overly conceptual. Expertise in
data visualization, alternative/exploratory user interfaces, and/or
device/desktop experience is a huge plus. This all hints to the kinds
of projects we're embarking on.

We're looking for those with at least 5-7 years' experience doing
interaction design for rich media. You can be client-facing or a
dedicated behind-the-scenes IxD ninja, either way works for us.
Apologies, but we're only considering Bay Area locals, for expedited
communication and quality face time.

One opportunity is immediate, and others are coming very early in
2010, and are typically 4-10 weeks in length. Interested, or know
someone? Drop us a line at ixd at stimulant.io.
s t i m u l a n t / Nathan Moody, Design Director / http://stimulant.io

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